Hand-Trimmed vs Machine Trimmed Cannabis

With the advanced technology, marijuana industry has gained popularity and just like any other field machines are taking control in most of the processing procedures. The method used to trim cannabis is what determines the quality of what you consume. Since marijuana needs to be well processed before consumption, hand trimmed and mause of machine are the most common methods as far as marijuana trimming is concerned. So, is there any difference between cannabis that has been hand trimmed and that one trimmed using a machine? Well, by the end of this article you will be more conversant with how this processes works and which one is most preferable.

Machine trimmed cannabis affects its potency, yield, and flavor

No one loves a tiresome job, and as a result, many people are going for shortcuts such as the use of trimming machines. Regardless of the method used, a marijuana expert can look and tell whether trimming was done by a machine or by hand. This is possible because buds trimmed by a machine look similar. The disadvantage of using the machine is that it assumes that all marijuana buds are of the same size and shape. This means that trichomes which are essential to this plant are shred away. In addition to that, the trimming machine is unable to differentiate between bugs that are coated in crystallized resins, and as a result, all the hard work by marijuana growers is gone to waste.

Trained experts can handle each bud with care

Hand trimmed marijuana comes along with a variety of benefits since each and every strain is treated in a unique way. First, you need to understand that there so many types of marijuana strains such as trainwreck, Purple Kush, and Sour Diesel among others. Each and every strain is unique in density, appearance, shape, and thus resulting in different results. For this to happen, a well-trained trimming expert is required to conduct the procedure. These professionals have years of experience which is why they can handle marijuana during the processing period. While trimming, the experts are also able to address the bugs without triggering the crystallized resin. On top of that, they are also able to identify which plant requires trimming or not and thus resulting in a quality product.

Hand trimmed marijuana provides employment 

The medical marijuana industry is growing daily and once you can tell or identify the method used to cut cannabis is the best way to determine its quality. This has also enabled various trimming companies create jobs opportunities as well as providing training and trimming education to make sure that all patients are well informed. As a matter of fact, trimming professionals have set new standards with the aim of making sure that marijuana is treated with the required care and thus giving the best to the consumers.

The above tips will enable you to make a prudent decision on which method to choose as far as marijuana trimming is concerned. Furthermore, if you take your time and invest in quality equipment, machine trimming is an excellent idea especially when well-trained marijuana trimming experts operate them.