Five Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

Whether for recreational use, medical use, or both, marijuana is now legal in more than half of the United States. Seven states legalized marijuana on Election Day 2016 alone. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in eight states. The question remains, though: are there any benefits to legalizing marijuana? The answer, of course, is yes.

Medical Benefits

Marijuana is an effective treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. The most obvious use is as an aid for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana’s nausea-fighting abilities are well known, but it’s also useful for symptom management in a wide range of other health concerns, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and Chron’s.

Economic Benefits

Legal weed is taxed, just like cigarettes and alcohol are. This additional revenue can provide a substantial cash infusion to governments. In Arizona, for example, it’s estimated that the K-12 system may receive an $86 million benefit over the next two years due to legalization.

In addition to government revenue, legal weed is a big benefit to a state’s economy. In Colorado, according to the Marijuana Policy Group, “legal marijuana activities generated $2.39 billion in state output and created 18,005 new” full-time positions in 2015 ( And that’s just one state.

Quality and Safety Benefits

Legalization sets up quality controls for growing, distributing, and buying marijuana. With weed bought off the street or through connections, there’s no way of knowing how it was handled or if it was cut with something or contaminated. Legal weed is also grown to standards, so users know that they’re getting consistent strength and quality.

Reduced Government Costs

Crowded prisons are full of people who were jailed for the act of selling or using weed, while people who committed real crimes, including violent crimes, benefit from the distraction and lack of focus. Space will open up in the criminal justice system that will allow law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and courts to focus on truly dangerous individuals rather than Marijuana smokers.

Less Crime

As a side benefit, legal weed cuts off a stream of income to organized crime and the illegal drug trade that encourages thuggery activities. Some advocates believe that this may also reduce violence connected with the trade since the monetary incentive will at least decrease, even if it doesn’t disappear entirely. Legislation will reduce competition and prices will go down, hopefully with the effect of removing some of the support that cartels currently get. The black market is not eliminated, but it’s at least reduced.

Since weed was criminalized in the early 20th century, prohibition has been shown to be woefully ineffective. The number of users has never decreased. Studies have not shown that weed is harmful. Many legal substances, such as tobacco and alcohol, have been shown to cause far more harm to both society and individuals. The many positive benefits of legalizing marijuana far outweigh the few negatives.

Hand-Trimmed vs Machine Trimmed Cannabis

With the advanced technology, marijuana industry has gained popularity and just like any other field machines are taking control in most of the processing procedures. The method used to trim cannabis is what determines the quality of what you consume. Since marijuana needs to be well processed before consumption, hand trimmed and mause of machine are the most common methods as far as marijuana trimming is concerned. So, is there any difference between cannabis that has been hand trimmed and that one trimmed using a machine? Well, by the end of this article you will be more conversant with how this processes works and which one is most preferable.

Machine trimmed cannabis affects its potency, yield, and flavor

No one loves a tiresome job, and as a result, many people are going for shortcuts such as the use of trimming machines. Regardless of the method used, a marijuana expert can look and tell whether trimming was done by a machine or by hand. This is possible because buds trimmed by a machine look similar. The disadvantage of using the machine is that it assumes that all marijuana buds are of the same size and shape. This means that trichomes which are essential to this plant are shred away. In addition to that, the trimming machine is unable to differentiate between bugs that are coated in crystallized resins, and as a result, all the hard work by marijuana growers is gone to waste.

Trained experts can handle each bud with care

Hand trimmed marijuana comes along with a variety of benefits since each and every strain is treated in a unique way. First, you need to understand that there so many types of marijuana strains such as trainwreck, Purple Kush, and Sour Diesel among others. Each and every strain is unique in density, appearance, shape, and thus resulting in different results. For this to happen, a well-trained trimming expert is required to conduct the procedure. These professionals have years of experience which is why they can handle marijuana during the processing period. While trimming, the experts are also able to address the bugs without triggering the crystallized resin. On top of that, they are also able to identify which plant requires trimming or not and thus resulting in a quality product.

Hand trimmed marijuana provides employment 

The medical marijuana industry is growing daily and once you can tell or identify the method used to cut cannabis is the best way to determine its quality. This has also enabled various trimming companies create jobs opportunities as well as providing training and trimming education to make sure that all patients are well informed. As a matter of fact, trimming professionals have set new standards with the aim of making sure that marijuana is treated with the required care and thus giving the best to the consumers.

The above tips will enable you to make a prudent decision on which method to choose as far as marijuana trimming is concerned. Furthermore, if you take your time and invest in quality equipment, machine trimming is an excellent idea especially when well-trained marijuana trimming experts operate them.

Marijuana Seeds – Benefits And More

Often people have a flair for smoking quality stuff which transcends them to a new world where there are no tensions and worries and life is just an illusion. The monotonies and tensions of our hectic schedules are so taxing that they may drain out the life force from us and therefore people often find resource in different flavored seeds. These seeds also have a medical value and therefore are not harmful like the tobacco and nicotine present in the regular cigarettes. In many developed countries Marijuana seeds are used as drugs for various ailments too. According to myriads of medical and professional studies which have tested these seeds there is ingredient in these seeds which is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has medicinal and clinical properties which can cure many patients.

There are many studies which have actively concluded that Cannabis seeds can give relief to patients who suffer from spasticity and muscle pain especially in patients who are suffering from the illness of multiple sclerosis. Besides this, these seeds can also control their regular tremors. Many medical practitioners have debated the use and medicinal value of these seeds therefore many researchers have even published their studies, findings and conclusions so that these seeds can be awarded a legal status in different countries. The botanical name for the plant which gives the seeds is Cannabis sativa L and the plant prefers the temperate climate of different parts of America and other countries, regions like Asia, Africa and India to grow and yield a good quality. The name of the plant is closely related to the hemp family which is called Cannabaceae.

The plants which give these marijuana seeds have many useful and active parts which too have their medical value which includes the leaves, conifer stems, seeds, secretions and even the flowers of the plant. From the ancient times these marijuana seeds have been used in various primitive civilizations of Asia and Africa for their therapeutic value but it was in the beginning of the 20th century when the medical value of these seeds was recognized and appreciated in different parts of United States. After this discovery, these seeds were actively used in this continent too for its medical and commercial value.

According to various researches these seeds become very active against glaucoma, and also help in reducing the intraocular pressure. It also slows the degenerative process which if not stopped may finally lead to a condition of blindness. It is also well known for reducing discomfort and pain which may be caused due to different diseases of the body.